Harking Back to Childhood

The childhood I’m harking back to belongs to our children. John and I did things we would have done 25 years ago, namely taking a child to the dentist.  Son John $ was in such pain that his dad drove him to the dental school clinic in Sylva, the only place one could get treatment on a Friday in Western North Carolina. John knew the way, since that’s where he was treated for a broken tooth when we first moved here.

I was talking to the lawn guy Adam in the driveway, when father and son returned from Sylva. Poor $ hobbled with his cane to the front door and disappeared inside. He’d hurt his knee on a hiking trip, but as he said, that helped mask the pain in the jaw. I didn’t have a conversation with him until the next day when I found out he’d had three teeth extracted. No wonder he could only grunt that day! It seems a wisdom tooth decided to move, cracking the tooth next to it. They removed those, as well as the other wisdom tooth. Full mouth x-rays revealed a similar problem on the other side – a wisdom tooth waiting in the gum like a time bomb.

The dental fallout was in my f051015 Mother's Day dinneravor. $ stayed from Friday to Monday morning, cooking Mother’s Day dinner on the grill. What a feast! He prepared coconut shrimp, filet mignon, grilled asparagus, and mashed potatoes. We ate so much we just sat about napping and chatting the rest of the day.

051015 AM Mother's Day
I’m holding my fancy Mother’s Day balloon.

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