Chicken Potpie without a Cluck

There were three witnesses when I said, “Oh! No!” in the kitchen.

“What happened?” they wanted to know.

Dumbstruck with disbelief, I didn’t answer while frantically pulling the pie plate from the hot oven. “I forgot to put the chicken in the potpie!”

I was wondering how I could get the crust off when John summed up the situation, “You can’t fix it. Just serve the chicken on the side.”

Luckily, I heeded his advice. Half an hour later, we put the warm chicken chunks on our plates and topped them with the creamy veggies and crust. It may have been unorthodox, but it was edible, as shown by the empty pie plate. Thinking about it later, I decided that was as good a way as any to celebrate my parents’ 75th wedding anniversary. Though long dead, they would have approved my cooking at home and taking sensible advice.

Have you ever omitted a key ingredient in a recipe?  I’d love to know, since misery loves company.080615 Unchick pie consumed

5 thoughts on “Chicken Potpie without a Cluck

  1. Anne – I’m sure I have done something like that but my finest moment was when I used the wrong ingredient in a recipe. It was my first Christmas with my husband’s family and I was missing all of my southern family traditions (his family’s traditional Thanksgiving was turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, corn and black olives – I kid you not!


  2. Ooops – sent it before I meant to. I grew up with Christmas and Thanksgiving consisting of 3 to 4 meats, 8 to 10 vegetables and 6 or more desserts. SO I decided to make my grandmothers macaroni and cheese (from memory – this stuff isn’t written down) Imagine my dismay when at the first bite of my long awaited macaroni and cheese, I discovered that I had used condensed milk instead of evaporate milk! ( you have to admit – the cans look pretty much the same if you haven’t been cooking long). Of course – it was inedible and I was mortified.
    The only saving grace in this whole story is that my one brother-in-law, who prided himself in being an incredibly healthy and fit athlete who barely deigned to eat a carbohydrate -had a habit of sleep walking. And when he walked in his sleep, he at whatever he could find.
    The next morning, my failed attempt at macaroni and cheese, which had somehow made it’s way into the refrigerator instead of the trash, was almost all gone – eaten by none other than our healthy sleepwalker!

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    1. Oh! What an amusing story! I’m a Southerner married to a New Yorker. I left the South so long ago that I couldn’t figure out what was missing in the list of your husband’s family traditions for Thanksgiving. That’s all we had with John’s family. I’m now remembering all the extras on my NC sister-in-law’s table last year. They weren’t extras, were they? I’ve got a lot to learn. Thanks for setting me straight.

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