Menu for Growing Boys

The neighbors across the street were going to a wedding, but the baby sitter they had lined up for Logan changed her mind. We were happy to have the lively 5-year-old and offered to pick up teen Dennis from work. What could I find to feed us on short notice? Our menu was candy, pie, and cake. Read on; it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.

090515 Logan Dennis JC

Logan almost immediately said he was hungry. Trying to act responsibly, I asked him to wait until dinner. The boy tried again with John as soon as he came in with Dennis. The pseudo grandpa walked straight to the M&M bowl we leave on the counter.

“So that’s where you keep it!” Logan exclaimed. Perhaps Dennis had mentioned candy at home. Old man and little boy counted out ten M&M’s.

I was rolling out pastry on the counter. If you had a bit of meat from the end of a spiral cut ham, some eggs, cheese, and onions, what would come to your mind? All I could think of was quiche, so a pie with meat in it was our entrée. Was that too fancy for boys? Not if you saw how they ate it.

090515 Dennis
One satisfied customer

The green peas were duly counted out – 20 down Logan’s hatch earned him a little chocolate cake. Wonder of wonders, he didn’t finish the cake because he wanted to have a Nerf gun war with Dennis!

090515 Logan's 'stash

After a brief shoot-‘em-up, we settled in front of the TV to watch “Frozen”, one of the videos Dennis brought over. If the fellows were bored, they didn’t show it. Although I didn’t choose it, I was happy to see a film that had been popular. Better late than never.

We made our own video clip showing one bit of fun from the evening.

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