Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you very much Mir, of The Somewhat Peculiar Story of Mir, for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  I highly recommend a visit to her site. It is autobiographical and is interesting, amusing, and surprising.

There seem to be a few variants of rules for The Liebster Award, but I’m going to continue with the ones that Mir used:

The Liebster Award

Liebster AwardThese awards only have a few rules: 

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog
  2. Answer the questions asked by the nominator
  3. Nominate bloggers with under 500 followers
  4. Create 10 questions for the nominees to answer.


Here are the questions that  Mir asked, and my responses:

  1. What motivated you to start your blog?   I’ve written letters to family and friends since 1980, and that was expanded when email came along. Several dear people encouraged me to publish, but revamping material for a book was mind-boggling. A special niece in the business got me started and recently guided me to WordPress. Blogging is FUN!
  2. Do you ever do things just so you can blog about them?   I never thought about manufacturing things for a post. I’m sure I don’t have enough imagination for that, but daily life presents endless opportunities for writing. As events happen, words are tumbling about in my head as I search for the best way to present a story.
  3. Do your close friends / family worry about being in your blog?   Yes, indeed! One daughter made a comment she considered silly when she was a teen, and she immediately insisted, “You can’t write that.” I did not write about it, but we have giggled about it ever since. Only one person has asked me to take down a post. I removed it immediately. When I write about friends and family, I always send them a copy so they know what I am saying about them. So far we are all still on hugging terms.
  4. Who has been the most influential person in your life?   My husband has been the most influential person in my life for two reasons.   He is an admirable person, and he wins by sheer tenacity. We’ve been married 51 years, which is over twice the number of years I lived with my parents. I agree with most of what he says – wouldn’t say 100% because it might go to his head.
  5. What is your favourite gadget?   Now that is a tough question. Most of my gadgets are in the kitchen. When we moved a year ago, I got rid of those I didn’t use regularly.  All the ones still there are favorites. To answer the question more fully, I’d say my favorite is whichever is the newest. I’ve enjoyed using the immersion blender, repeating to myself constantly, “Do not put your fingers near the blade.” Next month or next year, something new will take its place.
  6. What is your ideal holiday / vacation?   My ideal vacation would involve seeing lovely scenery, learning new things, eating at local restaurants, and meeting interesting people.
  7. What three things would you take with you to a desert island?   I would take all my favorite people to a desert island, along with good connections to the internet, and a fully equipped kitchen.  Actually, as long as we are dreaming, I would spell it differently – dessert island — and top it with hot fudge sauce.
  8. What do you usually have for breakfast?   Breakfast is my favorite meal, one that I could eat three times a day.  On a busy day, cereal will do, but we often have egg, meat, and cheese on an English muffin.  Another favorite is egg in the eye, quick and easy. When there are more than two of us, I like cooking biscuits or cardamom muffins.  How could we ignore pancakes and waffles? Coffeecakes? I’ll stop before I drool on the keyboard.
  9. If you could spend a day with a famous person (living or historical), who would that be?    I’ve played this game many times, so I’d start by ruling out Biblical figures. There are many I’d love to be with. My historical choice from the US is a tossup between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. No, Washington’s teeth would bother me. Jefferson was an educated, social person who was also an inventor. It would be marvelous to see his reaction to computers, cell phones, helicopters, and laparoscopic surgery.
  10. How did you celebrate your last birthday?   I love birthdays, but after you have so many, they become a blur. Wait!  I’ll see what I wrote about it last year. Here it is, “Thanks to lots of folks far and near, I had a marvelous birthday. Birthdays are not a hardship for me. All I have to do is sit and turn a year older. My sympathies are with people who are terribly busy at Christmas and still take time to celebrate with me. I appreciate all the notes, mailed cards, e cards, messages, hugs, gifts, meals, phone calls, travels, and retro greetings from those who are learning of this occasion here. From Denmark I had this greeting, “Happy Merry Birthmas.”       Son $ came for breakfast on my birthday and stayed for 24 delightful hours. Brother Bob and wife Beth were here, and we feasted on German Stollen and Beth’s marvelous Banana Nut Friendship bread. Bob brought in barbecue for lunch. I’m fairly sure the last time I had a BBQ sandwich on my birthday was the day of Becky’s wedding in 1963. I stopped in Covington on my way back to Ripley after conducting a church choir in a Methodist church in Memphis.  A blizzard was raging, and I was so late I didn’t have time to change into wedding clothes. Beth and Bob had to get back to Winston Salem, but $ stayed and cooked an Indian dish with chicken for our evening meal. The day was chock full of wonderfully unscheduled things, perfect for a first retirement birthday.


I have nominated blogs for other awards and hope to avoid calling on those great people again. I’m also not sure that the ones I nominate have fewer than 500 followers. If you have a great following, congratulations and disregard this nomination. These are not listed in any particular order.

Quotidian Things

Pickles & Pords

Skipah’s Realm

All Things Kalen


Rendezvous En New York

Kimberly Nicholson

Questions for My Nominees

  1. What caused you to start blogging?
  2. Do you like music, and if so, what is your first choice for listening?
  3. Did you have a favorite childhood toy?
  4. What are your natural abilities?
  5. What person/s had the most influence on your life?
  6. Do you have a favorite type of food?
  7. What is your exercise of choice?
  8. Do deadlines spur you on or intimidate you?
  9. What makes you laugh?
  10. Are you an early bird, a night owl, or something in between?

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      1. I’ll try to finish the post by the weekend,I’m behind on my blogging course and a guest post. I haven’t been able to get that much exposure but I’ll have to be patient. Thank you again.


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