Jonathan Creek Water Table

The floods in South Carolina made national news for days. North Carolina had lots of rain, too, but there was no flooding in the western mountains. John and I made a special effort to see our local creek, enjoying the high water as long as it wasn’t hurting anyone. Two days we opted to walk the flatter route with neighbor John O. We enjoy his company, but he wouldn’t go to the creek and later climb the hill on Qualla, with good reason. From the level road there is a very steep climb up to his cabin. One big hill a day is his quota. Today we told him we needed to visit the creek, and he walked the flat road by himself. Amazingly, we met again after we pulled ourselves up Qualla. Either he walked more slowly than usual or went further.

When John O asked about the creek, Husband mentioned the water table. I had laughed at his comment beside the water, and now it was time to share it. John O was a civil engineer by training, and the subject caught his attention. I whipped out the toy camera to show him the photographs. The first looked like a stream-scape.

Jonathan Creek
Jonathan Creek

The second shows an object in the water.   It was a metal table, hence our talk of the Jonathan Creek water table.

Water table
Water table

There is no telling how the table got there or how long it will stay. On a scorching summer day, you might be tempted to draw up some chairs and have a picnic.  Not in October!  We’ll need to keep checking on it, which is a good reason to push ourselves to walk there daily.

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