Everything OK for 24 Hours

Everything OK means we were in Oklahoma (OK) for 24 hours, and everything was wonderful.

The years seemed to roll away as soon as Perry opened the door. We hadn’t seen him or Martha in 51 years, but we felt an instant rapport. It was amazing, considering our backgrounds. We came from Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, and New York. Our religious affiliations began with Disciples of Christ, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran churches. We bonded in our college choir and madrigal singers, and they sang at our wedding.

Martha and Perry
Martha and Perry

Friend Sue in Kentucky mentioned that the national severe weather center was in Norman. Sure enough, Perry drove us right by it on his tour of their area. They live only a few blocks from the Oklahoma University campus. It is a huge campus, narrow and very long.

John asked about car tags that were unusual. Even while driving, John could read Cherokee, Muscogee, or Cheyenne Indian Nation on the license plates. The Indians don’t have reservations out here, but they have the name of nation and are entitled to special tags.

We went in the church where Perry was the director of music for 23 years. He didn’t have to move to retire, as I felt I had to. He retired and went to another church, making sure to give the new director plenty of space. The church was huge and beautiful. Perry pointed out the big Tracker organ, and we could see all the golden pipes. Only a handful of pipes are silent. Martha mentioned that after a change of ministers, the new clappy-tappy service involved long, impassioned sermons.  Someone told her the sermons went on until many in the congregation were in tears. We noticed the tissue boxes, three to every pew. I had to get photographs of that!

I learned a number of facts about gardening from Martha. She tends the intimate garden area surrounding the patio. She has several varieties of hydrangeas, and the formula to boost their blooms is 1 tablespoon Epsom salts to a gallon of water. I suspect a mystery plant at the corner of our house is a hydrangea. If it doesn’t bloom next spring, I’m going to blast it. I also want to remember to look for Coral Bells, because hers were lovely.

Martha, Perry, and John chatting on the patio
Martha, Perry, and John chatting on the patio

We liked their water fountain, a large rock with water gushing out of the top, falling onto a bed of rocks. Perry showed us how he cleans it when leaves from the big oak tree get in the water. I always wondered how those water features were put together, and now I’ve seen one firsthand.

We brought up the names of as many classmates as we could remember. Sometimes they had recent news, and sometimes we did. We talked of all kinds of things and had similar views on most. The visit was totally delightful for us, but all too soon it was time to go.

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