We stopped for the night in Southern Illinois. The town seemed tired. Despite a glitzy casino on the river, the houses and businesses had seen better days. Many houses were in an advanced state of disrepair. We were surprised to see a museum about Superman and a large statue of him at the county courthouse. There were tourists seriously focusing their cameras at the statue. We wondered what the connection was, and John came up with the answer. We were in Metropolis Illinois, and Metropolis is the name of the city where Superman worked.

Did you know that?

Superman in Metropolis
Superman in Metropolis

After I looked at my photo, I noticed the fence around Superman. Isn’t it odd that this bigger than life character has to be protected from the marauding hordes?

5 thoughts on “Superman!

  1. Perhaps the disrepair in the town goes with the mindset of putting up that fence. I remember a renovation at I church I attended as a child. One of the biggest parts of the project included removing the part of the alter railing in front of the cross – allowing people to come directly to it instead of being blocked.


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