Skates for the Birds

There was frost in the night, and I walked out on the deck to see a lightly whitened world. When I stopped, my feet kept going for a fraction of an inch. Wow! It really was icy! I could feel it on the railing and noticed frozen webs festooning the plant stand. After taking a photo of the frozen bird bath, I touched the ice lightly, thinking my finger would immediately pierce the film. Not so! It was solid! If I knew bird language, I’d put out a sign, “Skating Allowed.”

I was out of bed in the middle of the night and was drawn to the glass doors. I intended to sit outside and gaze at stars when it was warm, but I didn’t. No amount of persuasion could get me to open the door then. I could feel the cold near the glass and could almost hear the warm duvet whispering my name. Caught between the pull of sky and bed, I looked at the twinkling stars. Suddenly a shooting star streaked across the sky overhead. What a beautiful sight! It was much closer and brighter than any of the meteor showers we stayed up to watch several months ago. Content with my special night sign, I went back to bed.

Frost world
Frost world

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