Search for the Magi

When everyone had left after the holidays, I commented that the figures in the manger scene had been rearranged. They were in circles around the shed. John said he didn’t think so, that he thought they were where he had put them. I was sorry to hear that, because they were on a low buffet where children could play with them. We’ve had that set for 50 years, and all the young people that have been under our roof had access to them. Maybe another year someone will play with them, I thought.

As John was putting the manger scene away, he said, “Maybe you were right. Maybe someone did play with the figures. The wise men are missing.”

I went to the back bedroom where many of our toys are kept. It would be logical for the wise guys to have hitched a ride, looking for new adventures. If they were there, they hid. I should also look on the porch to see if the trio turned into hobos and got in a boxcar. Obviously, they are old. I’ll bet senility set in, and they couldn’t remember how to find their way back.

I think we need to get a post-Christmas divining star to lead us to the three wise men of the East. One friend said the wise guys needed a GPS. I had another thought, that they had entered the witness protection program. We know they were on the run from Herod. Another friend, who does not preach politics from the pulpit, said, “Well, it IS an election year….it seems the wise men always disappear then.”


010314 House at Christmas (11).JPG
WANTED: Three Wise Men

The photo shows the complete set on the mantel in New York two years ago. The figures were accessible to our grandchildren, because at the time, the youngest was six feet tall. Who knew we’d someday need a WANTED poster?

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