Slow Food for Mother’s Day  

Almost every year John cooks on the grill for Mother’s Day, although several times we did bring home a meal from a restaurant.  Saturday I took chicken breasts and apple sausages out of the freezer and prepared a grape salad, a new favorite that takes time to put together.  Sunday morning I stirred together a marinade for the chicken.  I removed a thick coating of yellow pollen from the porch table.  The floor was a mess, too, so I swept the whole porch before we went to church.  When we came home, John put charcoal in the grill and plugged in the electric starter.  While he chatted with son John $, I prepared baked potatoes, a vegetable, and sauce for the chicken.  I also put out the dishes and flatware, along with napkins and serving spoons.

The side dishes were ready when John found the charcoal starter was not working.  We had come home at 1 and sat down to eat at 3.  This was very slow food, indeed.  Next year I might opt for a Big Mac or a Whopper for Mother’s Day!  There will be no fuss, no mess, no guilt, no complaint, and no wait – just a big yes for fast food!

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