Logan’s School Program  

Logan made a special trip across the street to invite us to his end of year school program.  We wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  Parents and guests were seated when the kindergartners came in and stood around the edge of the auditorium.  The music teacher announced a “Kodak moment”, inviting adults to find their child and take close ups before the program started.

052716 Pirate Logan posing before program.JPG
Logan dressed as a pirate

Every child had a special part, either singing, announcing a piece, or acting in a skit.  Most of the time Logan was on the corner nearest us.

052716 Logan on stage.JPG

Shawn and Bob invited us to join them for pizza at the Rendezvous restaurant near the school.  Their daughter Courtney was there, as well.

052716 Logan Courtney Shawn Bob John.JPG

Shawn told the story of Logan’s tooth, and I wanted to see the space where it had been.  He kindly posed for me.

052716 Tooth pulled the night before.JPG

As we waited for the pizza to come, Courtney began sketching the back of Logan’s head while he played tic tac toe with me.  I shouldn’t have been surprised at how good it was, because Shawn is very artistic.  Talent must run in the family.  If I had done anything half that good, I would have taken it home and framed it.

052716 Courtney sketched Logan's head.JPG

Logan wanted her to draw a tooth fairy, which she did.  It’s the upper one in the photo, a happy tooth face with wings.  That didn’t coincide with Logan’s idea of the real tooth fairy, so Courtney drew a more traditional one to please him.

052716 Courtney drew two tooth fairies.JPG

Logan ate one slice of pizza, pulled his arms into the body of his shirt, and leaned against the back of his chair.  Shawn explained why Logan was tired.  He pulled that tooth out the night before and was convinced he had to stay awake until the tooth fairy came to take his tooth.  They didn’t realize that at first, but finally Bob sneaked in and did the job so everyone could sleep.

052716 Logan fell asleep.JPG

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