Chivalry Lives On

We were walking toward the creek when I saw a frozen puddle by the side of the road. Have you ever been overcome with a wild desire to act like a two-year-old? I HAD to tap it with my foot. My balance isn’t the best, and I didn’t want to go too deep and get my sneaker wet. Okay, that was a bit beyond the toddler mentality. I motioned with my hand for John to come nearer. He gallantly extended his arm to assist. Crack! Pop! Crackle! Yesssss! There is nothing like the hollow sound of shattering ice!

John said I must share a mountain-scape that spread itself before my eyes. The sun was coming up, just touching the top of the rising mist. With scenery like this outside the bedroom window, there is an urgency to get up so that you don’t miss a minute.

012217 Mist and faux mountains.JPG
A bit of cheating: the farthest mountains are really clouds.

30 thoughts on “Chivalry Lives On

      1. Anne,
        There have been times I have regretted getting married and getting married to my husband but now these last few years, ( we are nearing 25 years together), I find that I hang on to not just his arm but even his every word. He is a good man to hang on to. Thanks for reminding me of my mercies.

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