Come Back, Girls!

Niece Julie’s childhood friends returned to their homes and jobs, and I was left with a ton of unanswered questions. The weekend was much too short. On Saturday we had breakfast at our house, and they explored Waynesville for the rest of the day. They joined us for the church service on Sunday, treating us to dinner afterward. We explored the farmer’s market in Asheville before they headed home. One of the girls begged a vendor to take our picture together, so that is the photo I wanted to share with you.

111217 John Julie Anne Barbara Kim Andrea Krissie.jpg

I’ll give you a quick rundown of my questions. Barbara loves to travel and recently went on a cruise to Alaska. Her next dream is taking a Viking River cruise. What else is on your bucket list? What exotic places do you long to visit?

The group went on my deck to look at stars on a cold evening. Krissie and I were left alone when the others melted back into the house. We waited until we both saw a brilliant meteor before we went inside. Her dad bartered work for a good telescope which she wants to use in the future. She knows there is a place to look at the heavens south of here, maybe an hour away. It’s an outfit that is so intent on avoiding light pollution that you are not allowed to drive up to it. What will you see when you look through that telescope? Won’t there be so many stars that you won’t know what you are looking at?

I want to ask Kim about all the jobs she has had. What came before you worked at a hospital? Are there more stories about homeless people like Willie and Crazy Mary? She currently decorates cakes at Walmart. A customer chooses a cake design from a book. Kim can tweak it a tiny bit, but no logos are allowed. Could I see photos of the cakes you were most pleased with?

Andrea currently runs a bed and breakfast on the coast. I grilled her about menus and loved hearing what she serves. She does not have a strict rotation of breakfast items. She looks at the bookings and plans menus so that a person staying a week will not have repeats. She never once talked about a single guest. Would you tell me one story about the worst guest you ever had, as well as many accounts of the very best ones?

Girls, we have unfinished business. Please come back soon.

20 thoughts on “Come Back, Girls!

  1. Oh I love this post and you for writing it! I feel the same way after house guests leave. I NEED to know more– don’t leave me hanging. You’ve got a story, tell me it.


  2. Anne, OMG ! What good times you all had to be sure. And having other houses to visit – seems like they are people out of a fairy tale. I would love to know more of their stories too. For example have they seen the wild ponies on the coast ? Did they know of us bloggers who devour your every word and is that why they decided to hold their get together at your house ?
    It would be good to get answers but the mystery is fun too- we can imagine what the answers can be and we would have many options then.
    Thanks for sharing, Anne.


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