Walking in a Winter Colder Land

I walked one mile instead of two. Brrrr! It was 18F when I left the house. I topped jeans and a sweatshirt with my winter coat for the first time this season. At the stop sign, I did just that. I stopped, turned around, and high-tailed it back home. My nose and mouth had stopped checking in. I didn’t want that to happen to my metal knees! The house felt overly warm for an hour, after which I checked to see if the heat was still on. This is a day to keep moving!

If you are in the northern hemisphere, what are you doing to keep warm?  I’m going to make split pea soup and bake some bread.  That should keep the kitchen warm.

31 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Colder Land

    1. Pea soup has a base of ham stock. We had a spiral sliced ham, and I boiled the bone after we ate the meat. Now I’ve added dried split peas, onions, and seasonings. I’m not a good soup maker, but this one always gets rave reviews. Cornbread would be a wonderful side dish to serve with the soup.

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  1. Brrrr! Our heater kicked on, but we keep it around 67 or I cheat when hubby isn’t in and crank it to 70. The ads on TV keep telling us to keep it low for energy efficiency. I am fortunate in that I still have long johns from when we lived in Colorado and wear those under everything when I go out. In California, however, it rarely is needed.

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  2. I don’t walk outside in this weather but going to the gym was bad enough. Very windy and cold. We were in the teens too. I have a dentist appointment but after than I’m hunkering down for the rest of the day. I have pumpkin bisque soup! Yay!

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  3. Anne, you walked a mile! Trust me when I say I haven’t walked beyond the store across the street for over two days. It’s effing FREEZING out there! Minus 12 Celsius. (10 deg. F.) What a coincidence – I made split pea soup two days ago; I’m about to have some later for the fourth and last bowlful. My heat’s on high but outside I’m wearing many layers! They say layers are the way to go, as they trap heat in between.
    Wish you’d come here and bake your bread here!!!! 😀

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    1. I’ve been walking first thing in the morning for 23 years. I guess you could say it’s a habit now. In NY I drove to a walking place, but here I begin at the front door. John and I don’t walk in rain, though. We don’t have the clothing for it. Where would you walk?

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      1. That is a great habit to have Anne. I could do 2 or three laps around the trailer park here. One lap at a brisk pace, is about 8 minutes. I try to avoid the rain, I wear a water resistant hoodie and only go out if it is a sprinkle or less. Safe walking to you.


  4. Hi Anne,

    I love your posts so much! It sounds like your walk was great fun until the cold hit you. I live in a northern hemisphere in a northern part of England and this week our boiler broke down, together with our car heater too. So you asked what do we do to keep warm?

    1. We thanked God we had an electric blanket and put it on the high setting before bedtime.
    2. We thanked God we had a roof over our heads and kept the curtains, windows and inner doors closed.
    3. We thanked God we had extra duvets in the attic and promptly brought them down.
    4. We thanked God we had many extra, big jumpers and got them down from the attic too.
    5. I thanked God for the creation of thermal under-clothes.
    6. We thanked God we have 2 electric showers, so getting hot water was not a problem.
    7. We thanked God we had a kettle to make warm drinks and an oven and microwave.
    8. We thanked God we still have a car, even if it is cold. It is still better than waiting outside at a freezing bus stop.
    9. We thanked God an engineer got the boiler working again, even though it sounds like there is a sea monster living in our tank.
    10. We thanked God we got the car heater working again after taping the wires together and giving them a good bang with an ice-scraper.

    Thanks for your post. It reminded me how blessed I am and how good God is in all circumstances. xxx


    1. I am so sorry I didn’t see your comment. And what a wonderful comment it was! You had lots of resources to call on to keep you warm. Most impressive is your thankfulness. Thank you for reading and commenting. Please give me another chance to chat with you.

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  5. I have been baking Christmas cookies. It is a great way to warm the kitchen….the down side is having all the baked goods in the house! I need my kids and grandkids around to eat some of this stuff so my husband and I don’t eat it all!

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