Summer? Already?

Neighbor Shawn texted me an image of her son Logan and granddaughter Lily. That’s when I became aware of happy shouts outside. Checking that the camera was in my pocket, I rushed out the door. What fun they were having! Water was spraying, and the children were running and sliding around the obstacle course. I took a few still shots and asked if they would do it one more time for a video. Luckily for me, it was a fairly good one.

Both children looked cold, but only one would admit to it. They wrapped themselves in fluffy towels, shivered a bit, and ran off to play on the swing set. I enjoyed a chat with Shawn before she went to check on the children and I headed home to niece Julie. Julie came for a working vacation for a few days. Between phone appointments and computer work, she and I jabbered away.

For the record, it is not summer yet. We’ve barely had a few good spring days. After dinner, Julie and I sat on the porch with a couple of candles burning, but we retreated to the warmth of the house after a short while.

11 thoughts on “Summer? Already?

  1. Hi Anne, I enjoyed your video. We had a few days of hot summer heat and now today I am in winter clothes once more. Oh my! Logan and Lily would sure have fun with my younger grandchildren.


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