Qualla Road Shimmy

I often take off an outer layer of clothing while walking, but this time the zipper of my windbreaker got stuck. The end of one side came out of the bottom stop, and the slider would not go all the way down. I was too warm to keep wearing it, so right there on the steep hill, I shimmied out of it.

At the bottom of the hill, Nancy was on her porch with dog Bailey. They moved in this summer, and we speak to her whenever she’s outside smoking. She gave me permission to hang my windbreaker on her mailbox. That is a great alternative if I haven’t already shed a layer at Connie and Marla’s place.

Free hanger in the foggy neighborhood

38 thoughts on “Qualla Road Shimmy

  1. Isn’t that frustrating when a zipper separates unevenly. It seems to happen to me several times in the colder seasons. I love your idea to hang the offending jacket on a mailbox. Your post makes me want to get outdoors and take a walk.

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        1. I can appreciate that, though John and I were used to New York weather. Indoor exercise is excellent if you do it. I have a tendency to plan it with no follow-through. You obviously have more gumption, which is excellent.


        1. We didn’t lock our doors in West Tennessee, either. My parents thought I was crazy when I came to visit them from NY and insisted on locking their doors. They were probably wondering if they could get out quickly if they needed to.

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          1. My friend who was living in Philadelphia at the time came to visit. We went out to the back yard (my house and yard were small so you could clearly see the back door from anywhere) and she locked the door from habit. She locked us out.


            1. Oh, no!

              A guest locked us out of our house here. She assumed I had a key, but my key was with my car keys. I’d left them inside because she was driving. Not to worry. I retrieved a hidden key. It didn’t work. We waited for John to get home. That key has since been replaced with a working copy.

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    1. I wouldn’t have dared hang my clothes on a post in NY for that very reason. I suspect I would keep a jacket on if it were that windy here.

      xxx Tornado Hugs xxx (They whip around so fast, you won’t know what hit you.)

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  2. This morning I piled the mini pumpkins in several plastic grocery bags – it was too heavy though to carry comfortably, so I put them into a plasticized tote bag I had from “Guiding Eyes for the Blind” an organization where I have bought Christmas cards in the past. I distributed the pumpkins on the picnic table and along the trail and decided to leave the tote bag on the picnic table rather than walk all the way back to the car. I walked one loop and it was gone – I was only gone 20 minutes.


      1. I have no words about people sometimes Anne and when I saw your post about the coat on the mailbox and you’ve mentioned it before, I just had to comment. We have rain mid-day and snow flurries and same for overnight … hopefully it does not mess up the weekend walks. I need to do some errands/housework but it has been busy at work and boring to boot with all these charts and my head/brain need a break!


          1. We had a whopper of a storm that lasted from 3:00 to 3:45 and winds were gusting over 45 mph. They were having a difficult time pinpointing the exact time of this storm so I stayed close to home to avoid it. I went back past that house on Emmons with the Halloween decor where I was yesterday – they had the inflatables up so I took more pictures … I saw a coyote near that house. They are not rare in Michigan but don’t see them much in Lincoln Park.


              1. I’m debating whether to add it to the post or not – I’m thinking so as the picture is not really good enough to base a whole post on. I couldn’t believe when I saw it streaking by and the camera was in my fanny pack, under my coat. This weather gives me the willies Anne – we’ve never had this constant bad weather – this is what they say for this evening. I’m hoping to get the post done since it is about Sweetest Day – the narrative is done, I just need to pick pictures and as usual I’ve taken a lot of them:

                HAZARDOUS WEATHER…

                * Winds becoming west northwest 20 to 25 mph with gusts up to 45
                mph. Gusts exceeding 50 mph at times will be possible with
                shower and thunderstorm activity this afternoon.

                * Winds will diminish by midnight.


                  1. It sure is and I can’t tell how much it is not the norm. I hope it improves soon as well. I decided not to use the coyote paragraph and picture since it did not pertain to “sharin’ the love” with squirrels. So I’ll save it for a short post (if I am capable of doing a short post).

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    1. I’m sure the neighbors are used to it by now. There are only two posts I would use to hang my jacket on. I don’t get too warm until I’m at Marla’s house, and Nancy’s post is the last one before the creek.


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