Christmas with Logan

Neighbor Logan’s family had more visitors than we did over Christmas. There had been no time to give him the little gifts we had for him until the day after Christmas. His mom was busy cleaning up after company, and his dad was doing a project in the garage. Logan chose to have cookies first and then open presents.

A few weeks ago Logan was in the musical Elf. When we saw an elf hat in the store, we had to buy it. He popped it on his head and wore it while he finished opening his gifts.

Nathaniel handed him another small package, one daughter Kate had sent down from New Jersey. Logan had a big smile on his face when he saw it was the card game, Uno. David and Nathaniel played one game with him that lasted over an hour.

122618 David Logan Nate play Uno.JPG
David, Logan, and Nathaniel play Uno.

This was Nathaniel’s last full day with us, and he made us a proper chicken pie. By proper, I mean it was made from scratch. He roasted chicken breasts in the oven, used the drippings as a base for the sauce, shredded fresh carrots, cut up celery and onion, and cooked peas and corn to go in it. He had planned to make his own puff pastry for the top, but we were running out of time. He made pie crust instead. It was delicious. The vegetables had just the right amount of body to them, and I liked the very fresh taste of the onions. He spoiled us to the end of the visit.

122618 Nate cuts his chicken pot pie.JPG
Chicken pie, and yes, that’s a train on the table

I insisted on one last informal portrait of the fellows, to have their smiling faces all together.

122618 Last meal together this year for the fellows.JPG

We were not going to forget the mirror ritual this time. Nathaniel started high and ended in a goofy stance to check his appearance. Until next time….

44 thoughts on “Christmas with Logan

  1. I don’t think Logan will take off the cute elf hat – it looked very sweet on him. Nathaniel’s chicken pot pie, made from scratch, looked wonderful – I’ll bet you are glad you have your taste buds working again! I couldn’t find the train – I saw an oval but I think that is the design in the tablecloth and I saw two little Santa heads by the pie. Maybe my eyes are running together from being here so long?

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      1. I see, so that was the oval then … I wasn’t sure if it was a design on the tablecloth only. Did John try out his shower curtain yet or is he going to show his friends at the next meet in Tennessee first?


    1. I quoted you and asked John if he would take the shower curtain to show his friends at the train club. He laughed and said he was thinking of doing more than that. He wants to buy one to put in the shower there!!!

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  2. Oh that’s so fun! We got that same game for Zeb this Christmas. I got a set for myself last summer that I really love. It’s waterproof and has a carabiner so I keep it hooked on my backpack. It has come in handy several times as a last-minute game opportunity during travels.

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  3. Anne, such a glorious tale of love and neighborly kindness. I enjoyed the photos to go along with your words. I’ve often declared that it’s the little things in life which mean so much. I was playing that card game as I read this. Blessings and peace for the New Year. oxox


    1. I wonder if our grandsons knew their mother was sending Logan the Uno game. As soon as the wrapping came off, they moved to the table to play. I agree with you; the little things mean a lot. Happy New Year to y’all! oxo

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  4. Anne, I took a peek a quite a few of your December posts. I enjoyed your Christmas through your words. What a great hat for Logan. The pie looks amazing too. We’ve had many family members sick or injured in some way this month. Pneumonia, cracked vertebrae, pulled muscles, RSV virus, very bad colds and flu. It’s been not-stop…yikes! I’m happy to say, even with all the health problems, we were still able to get together for Christmas or Christmas Eve. I hope you and all your family have the best New Year ever. Kathy


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