One-eyed Walking

It was 18 F (-7.8 C) when we went walking this morning. I knew to wear a sweater and my winter coat, since that was comfortable yesterday when the temperature was 22 F (-5.6 C). I was still in sneakers, while John switched to his work boots. I suppose I was generating heat, and that’s why the left lens of my glasses fogged up. On a normal day I have a hard enough time seeing the ground with trifocals, so navigating today was a little harder. The lens cleared up when I stood at the creek.

There was a bit of excitement in the pasture today. As we sat down to eat, John noticed horse DW lift his head and stand in an alert pose. DW watched something intently, then trotted to the fence. Soon a horse approached the fence on the other side. Vixen joined them as a second horse arrived. All four have stayed close to the fence, watching each other as they graze. We tend to look for the animals as we sit down to eat, and they often keep us entertained.

After lunch I went outside to take a photo for neighbor Joyce, who gets as much pleasure from watching the horses as we do. She interrupted her work day to look at it and text me back. I was surprised at how warm it felt outside in the sun. I had gone out without a sweater and looked at the thermometer when I came in. It was 39 F (-3.9 C). Joyce said we are the toughest older people she knows. I was glad she didn’t say foolhardy.

24 thoughts on “One-eyed Walking

    1. I laughed at that — no one would tell us to our faces that we are foolhardy.

      Protest — we didn’t come home with frostbite!!! Actually, I think I risk more walking when it is hot and humid than when it is merely cold.

      xxx Icicle-warm Hugs xxx

      What the heck! Throw in some hot chocolate, too!


  1. Horses are such magnificent creatures! I used to ride western saddle almost 20 years ago (Yikes! Has it been that long?) on a beautiful horse named Diamond. It was great fun and I could sit for hours and just watch them in the pasture. Watching their graceful moves has a relaxing effect on me.


    1. That’s great that you rode a horse. When I went outside to get a picture of the horses, DW saw me and walked purposefully toward me. I ran back in the house and got an apple to give him. He always responds quicker than Vixen. When he saw I had nothing more, he rejoined the group.


    1. The two horses that board in the pasture next to us had been gone for months. We were thrilled to have them back, and now we might see the others across the fence from time to time.


  2. That beautiful blue sky and horses out enjoying their pasture would make you think Spring was just around the corner! All you need is the grass to be a little greener to make it work. You have a beautiful view, no matter which way you turn.


    1. We are blessed with views here. Our house is on the lower slope of a mountain, and we look out at others further away. John pointed out that most people swoon over views from higher elevations. We have pretty scenery without a dangerously steep drive. That works well for us.

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  3. The horses keep you entertained and so do the magnificent views- poetry should be next in line for you and John- who can help it ?
    Feel like singing – The hills are alive with—-.


    1. Our hills are certainly alive with music. I haven’t asked John if he managed to finish playing every CD and record we have of Christmas music this year. He gives up listening to endless news broadcasts to play our music. We have everything from Gregorian chant to Arvo Part with a heavy emphasis on boy choirs in England and Germany. Listening to music while looking at the mountains — ah! That is life at its best!

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  4. Your winter walk sounds lovely! I like walking my dog Benji in the wintertime. He has so many objects he must stop and sniff, though. It’s definitely slow going. I think it is colder where you live than in PA! Bundle up out there, Anne!


    1. We are in the coldest area of North Carolina. Thankfully we don’t get the heat of the Piedmont and Shore areas.

      We often walk along with neighbor Marla as she walks her dog Albert. I can imagine your slow going with Benji.


  5. Great post. You’re not even vaguely foolhardy – you just appreciate one of the best seasons! The horses look lovely – always a welcome addition to any walk. Keep warm and carry on!


      1. Thank you for your kind comments. Great to meet a fellow history buff! Your husband has good taste in music. I love anything that evokes the medieval period.


        1. John likes music from Gregorian Chant to the Baroque era. I start with the 16th century and go forward. We saw a number of castles when we lived in England for two years in the early 80s. That was a wonderful period in our lives.


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