I Found the Nth Degree!

It was 29F (-1.7C) when we walked yesterday. Neighbor Marla said, “You won’t be leaving anything on my post today.”

She was right. We were wearing our usual layers, and we were comfortable. My windbreaker stayed on and zipped, not hanging on her mailbox post to be picked up on my way home.

One day later was a different story. It was 28F (-2.2C). After chatting with Marla, Bob, and Logan, I was chilled on the edges. Fingers, toes, and ears were reporting in negatively near the creek. John whipped a knit hat out of his pocket and added it on top of the lovely hat friend Karen knit for me. I was no longer making a fashion statement, but my ears had thawed by the time we got home.

I’ve decided the Nth degree must be 28F, as defined by my numb ears.

Dark hat covers my multi-colored favorite.

Karen’s hat might say it was over the top.

18 thoughts on “I Found the Nth Degree!

    1. For a while I had a hard time telling my story. My lips didn’t move well, and I had to think about what I was going to say to enunciate clearly. I would have stayed warm if we hadn’t stopped to chat. Being cold was worth our time with neighbors, though.

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  1. I so get that! One year, we decided to do New Years up in Monarch Colorado. It was 11 degrees in the day time! When we skied down the slope it became a negative something. Boy was it cold. When we gathered New Years night for the candlelight skiing and firework event, everyone huddled on the deck to watch, all of us grateful for the big crowd, where we relied on each other for warmth. We didn’t know who we were being chummy with but it didn’t matter. Glad you had that extra hat!

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        1. We live in the country, and there are no streetlights here. Also, the homeowners have an association to keep the road repaired, because the state is not responsible for it. This is quite different from the area we lived in NY and where I grew up. We also take our garbage to a collection center. This is rural America!

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  2. Oh Anne…you look so cute in your hat with your rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. It gave me a happy boost to read your post and see your photograph.


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