Connie and Marla

Daughter Lise and I were delighted to spend an evening with our former neighbors, Connie and Marla. Our mother/daughter friends moved during the COVID-19 shutdown. The times were/are strange. When John and I should have given them a warm send-off, we felt a great virus-wall looming between us. We read about their move and saw photos as they settled in. That was better than nothing, but I’m so glad I’ve now seen them in their cozy house and the fantastic view of their new town. My favorite picture from the visit was of Lise with them on the front deck. I didn’t realize I’d caught Albert kissing Lise until I saw this on a larger screen.

Lise, Albert, Marla and Connie

It was wonderful to see them in person and hear them talk about people at work and neighbors. Marla bikes to work, and Connie has pampered her and her coworkers with goodies. Connie pointed in different directions to comment on various friendly neighbors. They have been welcomed to a place where they were meant to be. We rejoice with them.

Connie is a super cook, and we knew we were in for a treat at her table. I should have taken photos, but honestly, that could never convey the taste. We helped ourselves from a tray of cucumber slices, celery, and stuffed tomatoes. The lasagna was superb, and two fruit salads were perfect for the warm weather. Her chocolate cake with chocolate frosting could have been a meal in itself. The recipe called for espresso powder, which they were able to find in a local store in the spice section. As with any fine dish, nothing was overpowering. When Connie puts something together, the result is perfection.

Since we all see each other on Facebook, we were aware of recent happenings and could talk about a wide variety of subjects. As you might guess, the visit was totally satisfying for Lise and me. When we got home, John had already picked up Nathaniel from Charlotte and David from work. What a full day it had been!

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