Lighthearted Logan and Lise

Daughter Lise was walking up the street with John and me when we heard something behind us. It was neighbor Logan (10) asking if he could walk to the creek with us. Yes, he had already asked his parents. Of course, we were delighted. He may have run off a little energy while making our day begin with a sparkle. We asked him to pose for our traditional creek photo, showing those who walk there with us.

Logan nimbly climbed down to the water’s edge. Lise, more sure-footed than she used to be, asked if he would stay there until she came down. Both have exploring minds, and they checked things out before coming back to us.

Lise commented on chicory blooms, so we stopped to look at them. Chicory is a wildflower related to the dandelion. People around New Orleans sometimes roast the roots of cultivated plants and grind them to brew with coffee. The blossoms have a striking blue color, which is what we were admiring.

Logan and Lise looking at chicory blooms

Smokey came down his driveway for us to pet him. Lise, a dog-lover, showed Logan how to scratch his tummy to make one leg run in the air. Dog and humans enjoyed that. Note the ankle weights Lise was wearing.

When Logan asked about Lise’s ankle weights, she explained that they strengthened her leg muscles and offered to let him wear them. After putting them on Logan, Lise began to skip down the road because she felt so much lighter. Despite adding about 1/5 of his weight, Logan didn’t slow down at all. He skipped, too.

After walking a good bit, Logan returned the weights. Something was chafing his skin, probably the Velcro fasteners. He certainly had the energy to run home with them.

We enjoyed our walk with Logan and hope he liked it, too. We would welcome his company any day.

21 thoughts on “Lighthearted Logan and Lise

  1. That was a great way for both of you to start the day. Added weight has been found to be very beneficial to extremely active kids. We often give them a giant pile of paper or books to move or put a weighted backpack on them.


  2. We have chicory here – just saw it in the Park today. It is pretty. I am glad Logan is able to visit again during this COVID-19 crisis. He clearly enjoys spending time with every member of your family.


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