Lap Dog

I invited grand-dog Sadie onto my lap. With a quick leap, she was there, and neither of us knew what to do next. She did not fit. Knowing this was historic, I asked David to take a photo as he sat on the opposite side of the room. He took a bunch of shots, and this was his vote for the best one of Sadie. I liked it too, because David was reflected in the window behind me.

Sadie knows I do not like to be licked when we are both standing on the floor. Being on my lap was an opportunity she took advantage of. Quick as lightning she had her tongue on my hands, cheeks, and LIPS! Ugh! David caught the action as I tried to avoid that searching tongue. My smile shows I was successful for at least one second.

I will wait until I’m on a sofa before trying that again.

36 thoughts on “Lap Dog

    1. I don’t think Sadie or I want to repeat the lap dog bit. She was too heavy, and she wanted to lick me everywhere. I’ll pet her when she’s curled up in the recliner in my room.


  1. HAH!
    Your picture instantly reminded me of one we have of Elizabeth’s dad, Tony, entertaining Saami, 110 pounds of Malamute who never quite understood she’d grown past puppy size. good one!


    1. Sadie doesn’t appear big or heavy when she is on the floor. $ picks her up all the time and holds her on the floor or in a chair. It’s not as easy as he makes it look! I can’t imagine a Malamute underestimating her strength and weight. Overpowering!!


  2. Anne, you’re looking cosy and warm in the chair, and like, bundled up with a rug around you! Ahh … Sadie seems overjoyed to be on your lap and for a while, you did well to avoid the dog kisses! Yes, the sofa next time might be better!😀


  3. Those are the sweetest pics! Clearly the dog knows love. It’s wonderful seeing images of you on your blog. I also love that what you love about that one pic is that someone else you love is shown in it as well. So much love!! ❤ Beautiful. And fun.

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