Neighbors with Morning Coffee

I was going to text neighbor Shawn as soon as we got home from walking to the creek. There she was, on the porch sipping her morning coffee.

“May I come over?” I asked.

She replied, “Of course. Come try my new chair.”

As we sat down, we saw neighbor Jeff striding up his drive, holding a cup of coffee. He was on his way to my house to pick up an envelope from John having to do with the road association business. Dog Dolly barked at him like he was a stranger, so he came on the porch and sat down to wait for John. Shawn said, “I’ll get Bob. He wouldn’t want to miss being with the neighbors.”

Bob came out with his coffee as their two dogs and a cat wandered among us. I was amazed that Dolly and Jasmine cuddled together, but I guess they made their peace long ago.

We called John over when he started to Jeff’s house, and he took a chair. It was all like a movie, with everyone gathering before the real action started. The next bit was pure entertainment. We asked why Logan wasn’t in school. Shawn explained Logan has a cold, and they would have to go through the daily COVID routine of answering questions and having his temperature taken. If he had gone inside and coughed or sneezed, they would probably have had to go back to get him. Getting out of her chair, Shawn said, “I’ll get Logan. He knows the words by heart, since he hears it every day.”

Logan came out, smiled at everyone, and launched into the spiel he hears every morning. It was hilarious. I did not understand a single word that came out of his mouth like machine gun fire. It was the standard COVID drill, which you’ve heard many times by now. You are asked if you have a cough or fever and if you’ve been with anyone who has the virus. Perhaps there are five questions, but you would never have known that listening to Logan. Bob said it should be recorded, so Logan went through it again with Bob’s phone trained on him. I wish I hadn’t forgotten my camera, because I would love to have had that.

The impromptu gathering broke up when John left for an appointment. We all went back to our normal lives with spirits boosted. What a marvelous way to begin a day!

19 thoughts on “Neighbors with Morning Coffee

  1. Logan is always entertainment. …school here is out and we are trying to finish ball games. 2 play T-Ball….2 play soft ball and one plays base ball….busy kids. Oh …and the one in Ga. runs track.

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  2. I’m always envious of your nice neighbors. My grandmother had neighbors like yours – they came in for coffee every morning and again in the afternoon (and in Summer, they were over for bowls of ice cream on the porch).


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