Playtime in the Mountains

Son John $ kept me company while husband John was away playing  with tra041115 Waterfall - favoriteins.  We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant near Asheville, checked out books at the library, and stopped at my favorite waterfall.

My son 041215 Hooker Falls AMmade a long-held dream come true.  I hoped he would take me on a hike to see a waterfall after I moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina.   We went to the DuPont forest, walked to Hooker Falls (named for a man who ran a mill below the falls), and ate sushi in Brevard.  John $ was on the phone with a fellow he grew up with when neighbor Amy dropped in for a chat.  Perfect timing!  Phone calls from favorite nieces bracketed the weekend.  I may not frolic any more, but I can still enjoy playing.

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