Naked as a Jay Bird

When I went out to get the mail at the end of the driveway, I saw neighbor Logan (7) racing a four-wheeled vehicle down the street. Bob told him to go one more time before putting it away. That was my signal to get out the camera.

Just then I saw Bob’s grandson Sufi toddling down their walkway. He was stark naked! He waved at me enthusiastically, and I waved back. Having just passed his second birthday, he was not at all concerned with his lack of clothes. What could be better than running around unhindered and waving at the neighbors? Bob’s dry humor came bubbling up, and he said, “This is the way we run around in the mountains.”

There was only one chance to get a photo, so I aimed carefully. In fact, I aimed two ways – toward Logan and away from Sufi. Logan roared past and careened straight down the steep driveway to the garage under the house. We all returned to our homes, and I was wearing a silly grin.

060218 Logan speeds down the road.jpg











Sufi was about here.