Head Hugs

I have the most marvelous hat. Friend Karen, an expert knitter, made it for me and brought it when she and Al came for their 62-hour visit. I didn’t tell her that I looked for one for two years after we moved here. I settled for one, which was better than nothing. John and I walk in rather cold weather (this season once at 0 F or -17.7 C). I have plenty of hair, but not enough to keep scalp and ears warm. I clapped this gift on my head to model it for her. If rain had not been pouring down two mornings, she would have gone walking with us to the creek on those days. I would have proudly worn this precious hat. After those rainy days and a morning of heavy wind, I finally wore it for real. First, though, came a photo with Nathaniel’s lowered mirror to show the back.

030318 Hat by Karen.JPG

The creek is a mile away, and the temperature was 26 degrees (-3.3 C). My face wasn’t pinched with cold, even though I stopped to talk to neighbor Marla.

030318 New hat by the stream.JPG

Wearing a hat made for me with loving hands is like having head hugs. This experience is like nothing else, AND it will last a long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Karen.

Jonathan Creek wanted to strut his stuff, so here is his photo showing high water after the rains.

030318 Jonathan creek after rain.JPG
My shadow is there, with the head just touching the bank.