Days Off are not Off Days

I didn’t realize I was going to take days off, but it was lovely to drift through the last ten days as our head count in the house came down to three. John was volunteering at church where a group prepared and served breakfast to youths who were here for a mission event. While he was out, I did half our usual walk and came back to work in the garden. With my weeding and John’s clipping bushes, we can see a definite improvement.

Son John $pencer and Rose are driving West. Rose texted, “A beautiful Nebraska sunset for you, a train for John, and a Sadie picture for David.”

Rose knew just what would please us. I loved my sunset.

I sent Sadie’s photo to David, and he was glad to have it on his phone.

The train was obviously a big hit. I showed it to John, and he asked me to thank Rose. She replied, “I expect he knows what train it is by looking at it.”

The next time John came in the room, I read Rose’s reply. His response was, “It’s the Powder River unit coal train. I would like to know whether that was the front or back of the train and whether it was going East or West. If it was heading East, it was loaded with about 14,000 tons of coal for a power generation station east of the Mississippi River. There were probably two other diesels on the other end, controlled by radio. The engines will stay with the train, even on another railroad.”

Can you imagine having that kind of information in your head all the time???? I guess that’s why his hat size is larger than normal. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for him.