Public Apology to Tom

I was thrilled with our gift of Amy’s birdbath and sat right down to thank her and her friends for installing it in our empty, wisteria-cursed pergola.  I wrote at night, not my optimum brain time.  It didn’t occur to me until the next day that I might have insulted Tom.  Can you imagine the conversation that might have gone on at Amy’s house?

Amy looks at her messages and says, “My goodness!  Anne called Tom a fairy!”

Tom comes over to look at the screen and reads, “I know the garden fairies who worked this magic – Amy and her dear friends Mary and Tom.”

So, Tom, I apologize for writing a statement that some might construe as slanderous.  I looked up fairies in Wikipedia and found the mythical creatures are gender neutral.  Given the current uproar over bathroom laws in North Carolina, what do you suppose the politically correct gender police would do with that?