A Birthday Party that Grew and Grew

Neighbor Shawn slipped over to my house mid-afternoon for a quick celebration of her birthday. It was just the two of us, but numbers were not important. She rushed to her family party at a gourmet pizza place, promising to come back later.

True to her word, she did come back. Bob joined us for a pleasant visit. Shawn knew neighbor Lisa was baking a cake for her, but she didn’t expect the cake to come find her. This photo shows Shawn and the cake with Bob in the background. It turned out to be the best shot of the cake I had. Isn’t it lovely?

It would have been quite proper for Lisa and Harmony to take the dessert and party across the street. I was not part of the original plan. However, things happen in this neighborhood in the most delightful way. Bob said he would cut the cake, and I got out plates. We all moved to the dining room, and oh! how we enjoyed that Hummingbird Cake! It was full of fruit and nuts and had a sweet filling and frosting. Superb!

We talked of things neighbors talk about – how to catch ‘possums and relocate them, adjusting to the time change a week ago, Bob and Logan’s disposing of a skunk that died in Joyce’s driveway, chatting on Holly’s porch, pet chickens, the tree house Bob built for his children (insulated, carpeted and powered), and Logan’s pet ‘possum that lives under their porch.

Logan and his niece Lily came over, and our party was complete. What fun it was! No amount of planning ahead would have made it any better.