Travelers and Homebodies

Grandson David bought a steam engine that he and John were going to fetch from New Jersey. When John took a very different journey last month, Paul offered to drive up with David. Lise and I were delighted that he came here the night before, because it gave us a chance to get to know him. He is the kind of person who can talk to anyone about anything, all of it interesting.

Lise, David, and Paul

The next morning they rented a van, posed for me, and set off. At the end of the day, they spent the night with Paul’s daughter in Pennsylvania.

David took a photo of his mother Kate and Paul after the engine was loaded in the van. I really appreciate this shot, because I asked David to take it, knowing they would be in a hurry to head home.

While David was gone, I trimmed the evergreens on one side of the garden steps before breakfast. I often say I can see what I’ve done, but no one else would notice. This is my record.

On the way inside, I paused to admire the crepe myrtle. It was showing off, because it should have been trimmed at least three times before getting to this stage. The loppers will be lopping this fall.