Off on the Wrong Foot

I can’t wait to see what the day brings. Will I fall? or have a falling out? Will I drop the main dish on the way to the table? Anything could happen! You see, I started off on the wrong foot. And I did it deliberately!

I put the first sock on the left foot, as always, followed by the right. As sometimes happens with a routine, I decided to change it on the spur of the moment. The right foot dangled there instead of giving way to the left, so it wasn’t all my fault. On went the shoe, tied with a flourish. I stood up with a smirk on my face and walked straight to the computer. Perhaps daring the day was not a wise thing to do, but it’s too late now. I’m not about to retrace my steps backward and remove the shoes to start over. To balance things, I did get up on the left side of the bed, which was right for me.

Would you dare yourself in such a way?