Chicken Potpie without a Cluck

There were three witnesses when I said, “Oh! No!” in the kitchen.

“What happened?” they wanted to know.

Dumbstruck with disbelief, I didn’t answer while frantically pulling the pie plate from the hot oven. “I forgot to put the chicken in the potpie!”

I was wondering how I could get the crust off when John summed up the situation, “You can’t fix it. Just serve the chicken on the side.”

Luckily, I heeded his advice. Half an hour later, we put the warm chicken chunks on our plates and topped them with the creamy veggies and crust. It may have been unorthodox, but it was edible, as shown by the empty pie plate. Thinking about it later, I decided that was as good a way as any to celebrate my parents’ 75th wedding anniversary. Though long dead, they would have approved my cooking at home and taking sensible advice.

Have you ever omitted a key ingredient in a recipe?  I’d love to know, since misery loves company.080615 Unchick pie consumed