Drizzle or Glop?

The innocent coffeecake didn’t know what hit it. I hadn’t baked with yeast in years and was pleased with the way the bread looked when it came out of the oven.

120816 Coffeecake before drizzle.JPG

The recipe called for putting chocolate chips on the hot bread and spreading them as they melted. I knew not to do that. One disaster with Chocolate Nut Saltines cured me. Modern chips are tough, made to hold their shape. They sat in defiance on top of candied saltines, refusing to ooze evenly. I melted the chips this time, adding a little milk to thin the mixture. I intended to drizzle it attractively over the top. It wasn’t thin enough, but I didn’t realize that. The photo didn’t lie. Chocolate had been glopped all over the coffeecake.

120816 Shawn's birthday coffeecake.JPG

Grandson David texted me that he would shortly be singing with his college choir for their service of lessons and carols. I missed the first few minutes while fumbling around to find the streaming site. He is the one on the right end, as they sang a catchy spiritual, Mary Had a Baby.

121116 David on right in choir concert.jpg
David leaning on the 2 of 2016

One other photo shows the choir and orchestra as the audience joined in singing a carol. I admire the organist, having seen and heard her in person a number of times. It seemed fitting that she sports a glorious halo here.

121116 Concordia Choir Lessons and Carols.jpg