Major Cleanup is Over

Daughter Lise stayed with me for two months after John died. She worked from home starting at 5 in the morning (11 am in Denmark) and then spent hours every day organizing our junk. Neighbor Bob took a truckload of trash to the dump, and Sarah and Nathaniel posed with the almost finished garage days later.

As a reward, Lise, David, and I went out to eat several times.

Sarah and grandson Nathaniel came for several hours when in this area of the state. Nate went through things Lise had put aside for him to see.

Sarah, Nathaniel, and Lise

We were happy he wanted a ship model that John had been given from one of the companies he worked for.

I’m blessed in having relatives who will pose willingly when we get together.

We record events of a visit, too. A headlight was out on Sarah’s car. When Lise pointed it out, they knew what tools to use and how to coax it to shine again. I liked the victory pose.

Of course, we all miss John and talked about him a lot. He would have joined in the laughter and teasing if he had been here.

Halloween with Logan

Reformation Day started like any other Sunday, with our rushing to go to church. The day veered sharply toward extreme pleasure when neighbor Logan (11) called, asking if he could go to church with us. Logan told us in the car that his mother was ill, and his dad was staying with her. We all sat in the choir loft, because John and David had been asked to sit up there to help lead the singing. At the end of the service, Pastor said someone had made him a hat like Martin Luther would have worn. He modeled it for us, because he said he would not have been comfortable preaching with it on. This was a zoom shot from the other end of the church.

We had planned to go to Tennessee to eat lunch and were glad Logan was given permission to go with us. Bob was taking Shawn to the doctor, so that worked out well. Grandson David and Logan posed with mozzarella sticks that seemed to be sticking out their tongues at me.

Our waitress offered Logan three pieces of candy from a large container . She had already given him a spider ring for Halloween.

John drove us home via a small road beside the Pigeon River. The fellows examined graffiti, picked their way down the steep bank, and skipped stones on the water.

I was standing under I-40 with traffic roaring overhead. Can you see the boys beside the river?

The camera could see David and Logan helping each other find stones to skip on the water.

Camera and I caught a three-skip throw, although he made others skip seven or more times. The stones made it to the middle of the river and beyond!

Sadie watched longingly.

We took a few seconds to celebrate Halloween at home, pouring candy into a bag for Logan to take home. This was one of the best Halloweens I can remember.