Son John $ was able to put on shoes and drive his car a week after the gout attack started. Before he left, he was preparing breakfast for himself and offered to boil extra eggs for the family. All of us love egg dishes, but I dread peeling them. After he made his breakfast sandwich, he said the peeling was a snap. He offered to demonstrate with one of the extras. It wasn’t bad, so I joined him, and we soon had them all shelled. Wait. We don’t shell eggs, do we? We peel them. If anything should be shelled, it’s an egg.

John and I have our favorites. He opts for egg salad, and I adore deviled eggs. I asked David, “Would you prefer your eggs deviled or saladed?”

Being careful of my feelings, he gently asked, “Would you mind if I had mine plain?”

That’s how we came to have six eggs three different ways. David’s was easiest, and John’s ranked next. It was good the cook opted for the fussiest.

I’m curious. Would anyone join me in shelling eggs?