Logan Blows up a Balloon

I had almost finished cleaning the house when neighbor Logan (7) knocked on the door. We discussed things to do without coming to a meeting of the minds. His favorite game is checkers. I fell back on the slogan of my youth, “Just say no.” The saying applied to drugs back in the day, but I apply it to games of strategy. My brain never did work that way, and age did not improve it. We watched a TV show together for half an hour and came back to the old question of what to do next. He spied the balloon left in the living room a few days ago. We played with it until it landed on the plants. As Logan put his hands on it, the balloon blew up in his face, startling both of us.

“I’ll pick up the pieces. Do you want to get another balloon?” I asked. He ran to the closet, picking another blue one. It took me about ten times longer to tie a knot in it than the amount of time Logan spent blowing it up. I used to be able to do that easily. It could have something to do with the amount of saliva on it. Does anyone have a good suggestion for sealing a slobbery balloon? The answer is not to do the blowing myself, because Logan loves to do it.

022618 Logan blows up a balloon.JPG

We batted the balloon back and forth, trying to keep it from landing on the floor. When Logan tired of that, we just sat and talked. I have never understood more than half of what he said, so this time I explained that I didn’t hear well. I said I needed for him to face me so I could see his lips, and I needed him to speak louder. It worked like a charm!!! He wanted to communicate enough to make it work. I loved hearing him talk about this past weekend, especially the indoor water park.

With wide arm movements, he said, “I was on the TORNADO slide!!”

He also enjoyed arcade games and watching cartoons with other children in the group. When Bob came to get him, he told me a bit more about the activities. It seems it was a terrific weekend for all.