Party for People and Dogs

We had another reunion meal together while daughter Lise was here. Niece Julie, friend Michael, son John $pencer, and friend Rose joined us on the porch. Lise, Julie, and $ were close years ago when $ first moved to North Carolina. Those bonds were lasting, even though they rarely see each other now.

We eight, together. We ate together.

While we ate, Michael’s dog Gumball was outside with us, and Rose’s Sadie was inside the house. Only after we ate did we let them greet each other. It was a bit tense.

Going outside seemed best. Julie spoke softly to Gumball.

Rose, David, and Lise were near Sadie when she took a rest.

We watched the dogs as they tentatively began to get to know each other. It was good for us to move around a bit, but we soon returned to the porch and separated the dogs again.

I’m glad to say we humans enjoyed being together without snarling or snapping at each other. In these tense times, that’s a very good thing.