Gobble Fest

My brother Bob and wife Beth had our annual pre-Thanksgiving gathering the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

The most impressive presentation of food was Kathie’s appetizer, made to look like a turkey.

Below is a collection of candid photos from the afternoon. I did not get specific permission to post these shots with names, so they will remain unlabeled.

We spent the night there, and the next morning Bob mentioned that someone wanted to know the height of the ceiling. He and David measured it at 18 feet.

There was an amusing mix-up with some chocolate candy, and this photo will remind us of the shrieks and giggles that followed.

Before Lise, David, and I drove home, we went out for a light lunch at a local eatery. Beth and I were eager for hamburgers, while David chose chicken and Bob tuna. The food was not impressive, but we enjoyed being together for as long as possible.