Thanksgiving Begins

Our Thanksgiving celebration began with bringing two relatives home. We picked up grandson Nathaniel at his first break from college. He sat in his favorite seat in the very back of the car.

111718 N leaving college.jpg

We ate lunch at Rooster’s while killing time before going to the airport. Nathaniel shot a selfie to show some of the roosters on the wall. We texted that one to his mother and his brother. This was our way of being together while 800 miles apart.

111718 AM Nate at Rooster's.jpg

Getting daughter Lise worked smoothly this year. John drove, and Nathaniel went into the airport terminal. I was the communications hub as John and I headed for the cell phone lot. When aunt and nephew connected, Nathaniel texted me, and we drove back into the airport to pick them up. The problem was that Lise couldn’t use her Danish phone, and she couldn’t reactivate her American phone without WiFi. Last year she asked several strangers in the airport before one would let her borrow a phone to text us.

111718 Lise and Nate.jpg

We congratulated ourselves that everything was going well. Big mistake! We stopped for Lise to get lunch, and the car wouldn’t start. Triple A promised to rescue us in two hours. We were hemmed in by cars on both sides in the parking lot. When a man came back to the car on the right, Lise asked if he would give us a jump start. He was very willing, but the cables wouldn’t stretch far enough. Two young women with children were getting in the car on the left, so John asked if they would help. One was very hesitant, but the other agreed to pull her car closer. Bingo! Nathaniel canceled the rescue as we headed home.

The bags were barely in the house when Nathaniel called Lise to be part of the mirror moving ceremony. Whenever Nathaniel is in residence, he puts the mirror on a higher nail where he can see himself. It’s silly, but we all get a kick out of it.

111718 Lise observes mirror ritual.JPG

As soon as they unpacked a few things, we had a snacky supper, followed by pie. I always bake a pumpkin pie for Lise. It’s her favorite, which she can’t get in Denmark. There are no rules for it, so she sometimes eats a piece for breakfast. This time she started before going to bed. Nathaniel spoke of wanting a pecan pie before he went off to college. I bought the nuts for it but ran out of time to make it, so how better to welcome him back? When he offered us a piece, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to make sure the crust was not soggy. It satisfied me, so I didn’t ask chef Nathaniel for an evaluation.

111618 Pies for Nate and Lise.JPG

Other relatives will be arriving during the week, though I don’t think we will have more than eight sleeping here any one night.  If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope your holiday is a marvelous one.