Dearest New York Friends

We were on Long Island to celebrate dear friends. One of these friends died on his birthday a few weeks ago. Jay wanted a celebration of his life, starting in church and ending with lunch.

Jay specified the lunch had to include good food and good beer. He would have enjoyed the loving, fun things people said about him. The lunch certainly came up to his standards. It was as elegant as a wedding reception.

We were with our own blood relatives at Jay’s memorial. Daughter Kate and sister Barbara and Thom were with us. We always savor time spent with them. We appreciated staying at Barbara and Thom’s house where we had other opportunities to visit.

We have church family, too. We had breakfast with Ruth, and this was our special time to visit with her. Attending adult Bible class and singing in the choir were the main things we all did together. We’ve known and loved her since 1967.

John, Barbara, Ruth, and Thom

No trip to Long Island is complete without time with Karen and Al. We always joke, laugh, discuss serious things, tease each other, share stories, and revel in each other’s company. For us prime time has nothing to do with television and everything to do with time spent together. When I made them pose for the obligatory photo, Karen picked up a box of Christmas dishes. Perhaps that was the official rite that made those dishes ours. They said they were agonizing about getting rid of them, since no family members wanted the set. After much banter, we were the new owners. We’ll have to wait ten months to use the dishes, but they will be in daily use for over a month.

Karen, John, and Al