This is not about a hairstyle in viral lock down — “Frizz be the way I look now.”.

It’s about a boy with no access to playmates because of COVID-19. Neighbor Logan came to our front door, clasping a Frisbee in his arms, and asking if grandson David would like to throw it with him. His timing was perfect. David had the day off and welcomed the outdoor activity. I didn’t look at the clock, but it seemed they spun it back and forth for hours. I went out on the deck overlooking the yard to watch them. You’ll note I did not use the word “play”. It was much more intense than that.

Logan was counting the number of consecutive catches. For a long time they were stuck on seven, but finally they had eight catches in a row. The goal was ten. There were two main obstacles, the evergreen trees and the gusty winds. I could hear the soft roar of the wind on the ridgeline, which did not bode well for us on a lower slope. Any number of times the Frisbee went straight, then veered into the trees. Most of the time it fell through the branches, so all the fellows had to do was crawl in to retrieve it. Once it sailed into the cow pasture. I had come in for something and missed the drama. Neighbor Dawn could probably see Logan from her porch, and she came over to offer help. By that time David had gotten a long pole and was just getting the disc within reach. I’m sure he avoided the electric fence. Does anyone know if he could have been shocked by contact with it? He would have looked like a cartoon character if his viral-long hair stood straight out from his head.

I shouldn’t have been amazed at Logan’s handling of the Frisbee. He is good at all the sports he has tried. His shots were straight and seemed effortless. He would pick it up, and without pause, launch it back to David.

Logan’s launch

When watching the video clip, David pointed out that Logan’s whole body was behind the throw. He ran forward and twisted his body into the launch as the weight shifted to his front leg. The follow-through was impressive. There was no time to calculate the effect. It was all instantaneous. You can hear the wind, and Logan said “one” as he began the count of a new attempt at breaking their record.

It told David he was going to be sore, but he didn’t need telling. He groaned once the following morning, and that was the extent of it. Logan came over hopefully that afternoon, again holding the Frisbee. David had to eat lunch, take a shower, and go to work. It’s a shame they couldn’t repeat the extreme exercise again. David will be 25 years old in a couple of weeks, and it won’t be many years until he will need intentional exercise.