Do We Need a Ladder?

I had a day off when John and our grandsons went to Tennessee for a train club meeting.  What does a retired person do with a day off?  Nothing much, but I loved drifting idly through the day.  I walked to the creek, read the newspaper, worked the crossword puzzle, did the monthly backup of the computer, busted some dust from the kitchen, read email, rearranged my desk, played the piano, and mixed up some cookie dough.

Because I was eating alone on the porch, I noticed movement in the new pond John installed.  He and grandson Nathaniel are still in the process of building a waterfall for me, since we had to leave our big one behind in New York.  I immediately thought of the first death the other day.  John said he fished a dead animal out of the water.  I hurried outside to see what might need a rescue.  It was a frog, frog being a general term, since I’ve forgotten all I ever knew about amphibians.  The little critter was swimming frantically at the edge, trying to get out.  I scooped him up with the shovel lying there and dumped him on the ground.  He seemed stunned to be on land again.  A bit later he disappeared, hopefully to live happily ever after unless a spoiled princess kisses him.  For the record, I wasn’t tempted.

070916 Frog in the pool.jpg

My question is, do we need a ladder?  We didn’t have a problem with animals getting in the raised pool at our former home.  This one, set in the ground, is evidently tempting.  If you have a solution for our dilemma, please let me know.