COVID Vaccination

The county texted me that I could get my vaccination the next day between noon and one at the fairgrounds. I had put John’s name on the list first, so we assumed rightly that he would be able to get his, as well. We joined the line of cars slowly moving up the hill at the fairgrounds. Workers talked to us on both sides of the car, giving us forms to fill out and putting a sticky note on the windshield in front of us. Anyone taking a blood thinner was marked with a sheet of paper under the wiper. Two lines formed inside the first barn as workers checked our forms. We moved into one line again to approach the second barn.

We split into two lines again, giving me a chance to take a photo of the other line. John and I got our shots at the same time, along with cards to get the second dose in 28 days.

The exit line snaked down the hill. Workers checked our time, making sure we had been on site for the required 15 minutes after the vaccinations. A traffic cop waved us onto the highway, and we were through! We never got out of the car. I thought the operation was very smooth and efficient. Most of the workers were inside the two spacious barns. If we get snow and rain the next few days, they will be nicely sheltered as they work.

It’s really amazing that the vaccine was developed so quickly. Each state is responsible for organizing its distribution. John said West Virginia and Florida were ahead of everyone else. We got ours sooner than I thought we would, but we will continue to be careful until after the second dose.

I would love to hear about your experience of getting the vaccine or some of the things you have gone through during the pandemic. These have been strange times.