Fourth of July Minus One  

We were dressed in holiday garb to go to church on July 3, which is something we always did in New York on the July 4th weekend.  The church down here was having a picnic after the service, and a number of people were wearing patriotic colors.

070316 AM D N JC.JPG

We did not go to the church picnic, but what we did was unusual for us.  We went shopping at Toys R Us and a hobby shop, looking for a replacement for the glider that disappeared into tall evergreens the other day.  Certain ones checked out model trains first.  Isn’t that what everyone does?

070316 JC N D in Toys R Us.JPG

We were in a silly mood.

070316 Thomas!.JPG

We spent more time looking at water toys than anything else and came home with a slide that the boys are eager to test.  Gliders were not to be found anywhere.  Don’t tell me our nation has become so high-tech that gliders are no longer stocked in stores!