Rituals of a Family Visit

Grandson Nathaniel always moves the mirror higher on the wall at the beginning of his stay with us. All others crowd into the photo. Spirits were running high.

Kate, Lise, David, Nathaniel

On the way from New Jersey, daughter Kate and Nathaniel stopped at our favorite Virginia barbecue place and bought meat and sides for dinner. What a treat for all of us!

David, John, Lise, Nathaniel, and Kate

The two who had been in a car all day went for a walk, each joined by a sibling. I could hear them laughing as they came down the street. What a lovely sound!

Lise, David, Nathaniel, and Kate

Silliness erupted for a post-dinner snack. Nathaniel modeled a folded trivet.

Lise took the same trivet and balanced the crown on her head.

David is not impressed with the crowned one.

Part of daughter Lise’s success in losing weight was exercising, something she continues to do. She challenged her nephews to do a lively squat exercise. There was as much laughing as squatting. I went to bed when they decided to do planks. How much mirth can a body endure???