Aye, I had the Eye Shot

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. Everything went well, and the next injection is a month from today.

The preparation (eleven letters) took longer than the treatment (nine), just like those two nouns. There were yellow drops, followed by two sets of numbing drops, and a 10-minute wait for them to take effect. That’s when the amusement started. I thought the assistant said, “We’ll give you something to hold your eyelid open.”

I responded, “I HAVE TO HOLD MY EYELID OPEN????”

Hearing my disbelief, she laughed and said, “No, no! The doctor will do that FOR you.”

We both had a good laugh while my eyes were still closed. Soon she said she was ready for him. A man’s voice said, “I heard my name.”

Knowing it was Dr. Komanski, I asked, “Your name is HIM?”

He laughed and said it was better than Injection. He saw the notice sent to me that Dr. Injection Komanski would take care of me.

“Look up,” I heard. In two seconds the eye was held open by some small gizmo, which I hardly felt and couldn’t see. The assistant had a comforting hand on my shoulder as Dr. K. gave me the shot. It was over in the time it took you to read that sentence. There was a bit of pressure, but no pain. She squirted cold liquid into the eye before telling me what was on the instruction sheet she was handing me. I walked out, made the appointment, and John drove me home. Easy as could be!

Six hours later the eye feels the same as it did in the office, a little scratchy. No immediate change was expected in my vision, so I’m still wandering around in a fog. So, what else is new??