Post Announcement – Spring!

I think John said it was 49F (9.4C) degrees when we went out to walk. All I know for sure is that my spring jacket had to come off. The neighbors near the stop sign had given me permission to borrow their mail post until I came back from the creek. What life-savers they are! After picking up the jacket, I shed the light windbreaker, too. We may still have a few more cold days, but the post has officially declared it is now springtime.

041318 Spring warmer for Marla's post.JPG

Just ten days before, Marla took a photo of my heaviest sweatshirt and knit hat on their post. She had a slightly different angle from the one I took. Many people viewed it on her Facebook page.

040318 Marla's take on my jacket warming her mailbox.jpg

As we ate breakfast, I saw a hummingbird hover by the red crystal in a garden wind-spinner. I jumped up and put sugar water in the microwave to boil. It didn’t take long to cool. When we sat in the same chairs for lunch, a hummingbird stayed on the feeder long enough for me to tell John to look. We both saw it. I also saw one check out the feeder on the deck near my computer. Within an hour, he was back, tasting nectar from all three flowers on the feeder. The flowers share the same well of sugar water. I’d love to ask that bird if it tasted better from one flower than another.