Spring Break Ends

Grandson Nathaniel’s last full day with us was packed with excitement. Our son John $ was here to visit with him. $ drove Nate and me to Soco Falls between Maggie Valley and Cherokee. We went down the steep path to the viewing platform, which was far enough for me. Nathaniel continued down to the base of the falls where he posed for a moment.

030219 Soco Falls with Nate.JPG

His bright blue shirt helped in spotting him. I zoomed in as he started the climb back.

030219 Soco Falls Nate zoomed.JPG

Because of a connection of dear neighbors, Nathaniel had a job interview in town. It seemed to go very well, and they will talk again when Nate finishes classes in May. I don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll say no more.

Because John was doing trains in Tennessee, we were sharing one car. David hurried to be ready for work, and we dropped him off on the way to Nathaniel’s interview. I knew the car needed gas, so I stopped on the way back. Filling a car would be humdrum for most folks, but it has probably been ten years since I pumped gas. I told Nate I was screwing my courage to the sticking post to do it. I had to read all the instructions on the pump. Bless his heart, he had come around the car and was standing there, ready to help if need be. I know you are snickering, but that was my big excitement of the day.

It can be a bit intimidating to cook for a chef. Nathaniel never criticizes anything, but I’m aware that his standards are very high. What would you cook for him if he came to your house? The two prettiest things I did were a chicken pie and a chocolate chip coffeecake.

We will miss Nathaniel when he is back at school.  It won’t be long before he will be here again, and David is still with us.  Let the good times keep rollin’!