What’s Good about Fresh Spit?

Did you know spit is good for you?? I found that out while having my teeth cleaned for possibly the 140th time. Meghan, the hygienist, was scraping away on the back side of my front teeth. I got my question in before she could fill my mouth with three instruments again.

You are spending lots of time in one area. Is there something wrong?” I asked.

Unlike me, able to do only one thing at a time, she answered while deftly wielding sharp and pointy tools. She said, “You have a buildup of plaque. Saliva has many good functions in a healthy mouth, but where there is spit, there is likely to be plaque. A large salivary gland under your tongue results in these lower teeth being bathed in it. Some people don’t have much saliva, resulting in dry mouth. Bacteria thrive in dry mouths, so spit is good.”