Lise’s Visit Begins

Daughter Lise’s arrival at the airport was on time, allowing us to go to Culver’s for frozen custard before going home. It was a lovely way to begin a treasured visit. The photo doesn’t show that Lise and I were sharing this dessert. It was chocolate custard with added bits of Dove chocolate and cheesecake crumbles.

We were eager to open a very special Christmas gift, nephew Chris’ mobile creation. I had a preview on Chris’ blog. See his site here. Knowing the year’s figure was a skier, I aimed the camera at Lise and grandson David as they opened the package. I missed their intake of breath and realized something unusual had taken place when I heard their exclamations.

The mobile is not a skier. It is a man with a steam engine! Wow! This is a beautiful memorial for late husband John. All of us are thrilled to own original Pollock art, but this is far beyond anything we could have imagined. We are deeply touched by Chris’ thoughtfulness and creativity.

The day before, I prepared for Lise’s visit by baking her favorite pumpkin pie. It’s been a tradition for a number of years. Because she is losing weight, I cut a tiny piece and wanted to show how proud of her I am for her restraint.

The next morning we took the obligatory photo of us at the creek. For Lise, I took one of the creek alone.

Half the day was spent on estate business – going to the lawyer’s office, registering paperwork at the courthouse, and depositing an estate check. The rest of the time we talked and talked about all sorts of things. We never run out of words.